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Specific Email Settings/Configuration

Considering the fact that we have many different servers which are each independent of each other - though within a cluster, and then add the two email types POP3 and IMAP plus secure and unsecure - there are no one size fits all expalanation.

However, there is a relatively easy way for you to get your Specific Email Settings for your email address/account.

The easiest way to get your specific email settings is via the settings given/located in the web mail client area.

Log into your servers web mail using the relative URL http://ns7.fab-host.com:2096/
This brings you to the Web Mail login screen.

Login using your fully qualified email address i.e. somebody@domain.com, admin@yourdomain.com etc... using the correct password for the email address you're logging into.

NOTE: For more information on accessing the Web Mail page and Web Mail Access please see the article on Web Mail Access

Once you have logged into the Web Mail client then scroll immediately to the bottom of the page and note the Configure
Mail Client option - clicking and selecting this option will display all of the possible settings for your email account.

Now scrolling about half way down the screen you will find the Manual Settings which gives the exact specific/personalized setting for the available email types i.e. POP3, IMAP, secure and unsecure.

NOTE: For more information see the article on Setting up Email accounts including setting up secure Email via SSL

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